High-Pressure Jetting

To maintain an operative, clean environment at home or at the workplace, liquid waste receptacles must function smoothly and efficiently. Cable machines are able to bore through firm obstacles, such as tree roots, allowing for wastewater and other liquid forms to pass through, but are unable to thoroughly clean and remove softer obstacles in receptacles. Eliminating grease and sludge from drains and pipes, as well as tree roots and other firm obstacles, requires high-pressure jetting.

How High-Pressure Jetting Operates

Efficient only begins to describe the operation behind high-pressure jetting. To adequately clean liquid waste receptacles, such as sewers, sand traps, and drain lines, high-pressure water pumps spout ordinary water through advanced and supply hoses to varying degrees of pressure. Special nozzles, matched to the power sources behind the high-pressure water pumps, contribute to and remedy the pressure lost in the hoses. From these cutting-edge pumps, hoses, and nozzles, the water is sprayed through and onto the walls of the liquid waste receptacles.Varying water stream angles on the nozzles, including forward and reverse water jets, produce different results. Directed toward the pipe and drain walls, water streams more efficiently clear away the grease and collected scum. Water streams aimed toward the centerline more effectively clear away tree roots and pull hoses through the receptacles, but doing so provides a less thorough cleaning. Both techniques can and will be used if the situation requires.

Choose to Operate Smoothly

Commercial businesses and homeowners around the globe have suffered from incessant dripping from clogged rain water drain pipes or waterlogging in kitchen and bathroom sinks. High-pressure jetting will end the annoyance. With the forceful water stream to clear and clean every type of drain and pipe, every activity involving liquid waste can now be accomplished with ease. Call American Pumping to learn more about how to maintain clear and efficient sand traps, grease traps, and other liquid waste receptacles.